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Siektes van wild in Afrika


Waar kan ek inligting van siektes in wild in Afrika kry?


Professor Nick Kriek voormalige dekaan van die Fakulteit Veeartsenykunde, Universiteit van Pretoria het ‘n besonderse webblad ontwikkel waar inligting oor wildsiektes bekombaar is.


Welcome to African Wildlife Diseases

The diseases of African wildlife are important not only for wildlife itself. They are particularly important within the context of the interface between domestic animals, wildlife, humans, and the environment and have an impact on ecosystem health in its broadest sense subject to the consequences of intensification, the increasing competition for the dwindling amount of available land, and the changes in global weather patterns.

This Wiki aims to collate the knowledge of the diseases of African wildlife (land mammals, sea mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, and reptiles) on an on-going basis with emphasis on their epidemiological features, pathogenesis, pathology, diagnosis, and the broad features of managing the individual diseases. It presents current information about the various features obtained from all levels of the community dealing with these species, and all people that are interested in them and work with them.

The content deals with African wildlife within the context of recent developments related to wildlife on the continent. It thus takes congnisance of the patterns of disease associated with free-ranging wildlife, conservation areas and trans-frontier parks, and those in game ranching enterprises and breeding programmes for rare and endangered species.

The information provided is classified and entered according to the traditional causes of disease, and disease by species and organ affected. When clicking on the broad categories provided, you will be able, by following the relevant links, to access the required information. You can also use the search function on either the left-hand or top right-hand side (depending on the browser that you are using) of the page, to access the required information. In the space provided type in the name of the disease, or its cause.

The maps linked to this wiki strive to reflect the distribution of the various diseases according to country, province and district and as they relate to ecosystems, species distribution, meteorological data, and diseases patterns of humans and domesticated animals.

This site strives to provide information that is scientifically justified and accurate and to create an understanding of the prevalence, epidemiology and pathogenesis of the diseases that are required for effective management of the diseases of wild and captive wildlife.

Besoek hierdie webblad wat vir almal wat in wildlewe belangstel tot groot nut sal wees.

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Emeritus Professor Nick Kriek (nick.kriek@up.ac.za)

11 April 2017

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